Attending your classes has taught us a lot about Taekwondo about ourselves. For the last five years you have inspired and motivated us to be better people every day. You are strict when necessary, instructional always, and encouraging when we need it the most. Your patience with our imperfect learning is impressive. In short- you […]


Taekwondo has become a huge part of our lives and have impacted our children greatly. Spencer has become a strong young man with wonderful leadership skills. I attribute that to his time as a junior instructor. Taekwondo has become a part of his identity. We are so impressed with the success that our kids have […]


As I remembered, Sarina told me it was little scary to hear everyone yelled loud in her first TawKwonDo class. But, later, she enjoyed to yell loud when doing forms, kicking, punch, and so on. Thanks for teaching the kids how to respect people, concentrate and be confident. Sarina learned it from you. Every time […]